Kitchen Drain Clogged? Does It Make A Gurgling Noise? Are Some Seriously Major Bad Odors Coming From Your Empty Kitchen Sink?


FREE Camera Inspection with Kitchen Drain Cleaning
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COVID19 NOTE: With The New Revolutionary Drain Cleaning Technology We Use, We Don’t Have To Enter Your Home In Most Cases. See How We Do It Below!

This video, presented here for our customers in suburbs of the Dupage, Illinois area, shows a how Hydrojetting can be used even with a Kitchen Drain clog. Rocket Plumbing’s Proprietor Brian McMahon walks us through how it works, and the dramatic benefits of clearing the kitchen drain line.
Here at Rocket Plumbing, we are dedicated to ensuring each and every client is fully satisfied with our plumbing repair solutions. 
Since 2012, our goal has been focused on turning one-time plumbing disasters into lifelong Rocket Plumbing customers.

Like most successful businesses we all value we had to learn some things the hard way…

from the School of Hard Knocks!

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While some things we got right from the start, like:

Excerpts from our Frequently Asked Drain Cleaning Questions Page:

“How Do I Know If My Main Sewer Line Is Clogged?”

The surest sign of a clog in the Main Sewer Line to your home or workplace, is if several or even all drains are often clogged at the same time.  There is really only ONE way to know for sure, more on that later.

“Okay, Any Other Symptoms Of A Clogged Drain?”

Putrid smells coming from your drains, liquid not flowing freely down the drains, and/or gurgling noises coming from a drain.

“What Is Safe To Go Down A Garbage Disposal?”

Avoid putting anything large down your drain. If you can, you should always throw and scraps or trash in the real garbage. Substances like grease, oil, pasta, foods like potato skins and egg shells, should also go in the garbage bin instead of your hardworking garbage disposal.

“What Is A Sewer Camera Inspection?”

It’s a phrase you often hear where a plumber will use a digital camera designed to go in thru pipes, in order to inspect the pipe’s inner walls, and for blockages or even breaks.  Most cameras can also handle the other pipes in a home or place of business as well.  They are the BEST way to see what can be causing backed up drains.  See our Special below.

“Okay, I’m sold. How soon can you be here?”

We can send a plumber out the same day. Certain emergencies have immediate priority. Please call us at 630-219-1299 for availability.

See Frequently Asked Questions

Watch Our Special Jetter Nozzle Destroy This Tree Roots Obstruction

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Free Full Motion Video Sewer Inspection With The Purchase Of Drain Cleaning.

Normally $199.00, Today… FREE!

See below

Don’t take our word for it…

with our full motion video capture device that works from INSIDE THE PIPE OR DRAIN, we can show you before and after the drain cleaning work is done to PROVE the effectiveness of the work we do.

Why is our Sewer Camera Inspection so useful to you?
Addison Drain Cleaning Service Offers Free Sewer Camera Inspection
Camera Inspection Spots A Root Problem

Using our specially designed camera to inspect your plumbing lines can tell us:

  1. The type of material your pipe is made of (letting us know what to expect from future wear and tear)
  2. The depth and length of your sewer line.
  3. The approximate path your sewer line takes to meet the main.
  4. Any root intrusions in the pipe. (Tree roots are a major cause of unexpected burst pipes)
  5. Current Breaks and possible leaks in the pipe.
  6. Failed connections in the pipe. (As ground shifts, connections can develop leaks)
  7. Sludge or mineral deposit build-up in the pipe. (Snaking and rootering often leaves material behind)
  8. The existence of a belly, or dip, in the pipe that could catch solid material.
  9. The overall condition of the pipe.

Seeing the condition of the sewer drain or pipe with our own eyes in full motion video can give you peace of mind about your pipes, and give you the accurate picture about your pipes’ condition so we can make the right call on a plan of action.

Conditions: Up to 2″ drain openings only. 3″ 4″ 6″ drains $199. Drain must be opened (no blockage) at the time of service call. Drain must have sufficient clean out access to perform camera inspection. Scheduling permitted. (in other words, we have to be able to dictate when we schedule the performing of the camera work. Unfortunately, there is NO assurance the camera will be available at the time of the original service call).  Call us now and let’s schedule when we can use our sewer drain camera to see exactly what the problem is, and take out the guess work.

To take advantage of a FREE Sewer Camera Inspection, just mention you saw this page, and we will take care of the rest.

Excerpts from our Plumber Frequently Asked Questions Page:

1. “I REALLY need someone NOW, but I can’t take time-off from work. What do I do? “

We offer our customers convenient evening and week-end hours and will be happy to come-out when you want us to. If you have an immediate plumbing emergency, please Click Here for our emergency shut-off procedure. Then call us at 630-219-1299 to schedule an appointment.

4. “Okay, I’m sold. How soon can you be here?”

Normally, we can send a plumber out the same day. Certain emergencies have immediate
priority. Please call us at 630-219-1299 for availability.

5. “Can you provide me with an estimate before you arrive and look at the problem? “

We prefer to provide estimates after a thorough review of your property. Without seeing your problem, it is difficult to determine a price because it is impossible to diagnose a problem without a visual inspection. But, we can give you an average of what a typical repair costs and give you an estimate once we view the problem.

However, in some cases we are to provide estimates based off of e-mailed
digital photos. Be sure that you have several shots of the area (in decent lighting) along with any other pertinent information. Give us a call and then email your photos and reference your last name in the subject line.

9. “I have never had to call a plumber before, what should I expect?”

Rocket Plumbing is serious about customer service and safety. We background check and drug screen every employee to ensure we have the best personnel in your home. Your first interaction with our company will be a friendly voice of one of our professional customer service people eager to assist you in setting up an appointment. Our technician will call you before heading to your home to ensure you are home and to let you know who is coming.

See Frequently Asked Questions

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