Did you know that most plumbing companies don’t own their own Hydro Jet machine?

That may lead you to ask… what IS a Hydro Jet machine?

Our Hydro Jet machine, we happen to use the Mongoose Hydro Jet, is the latest plumbing system innovation to help thoroughly clear clogged sewer drain lines. It replaces in some cases what most people know as Rootering or Snaking.  With rootering or snaking, a flexible steel rod is pushed thru the line to attempt to remove the blockage… most often grease buildup.

The constant problem with using the rootering tool is it’s not reliable enough to know whether the blockage was entirely removed, or a hole in the blockage was left.

See the picture below for a good comparison:

As you can see, Hydro Jet leaves nothing behind. For video of a Hydro Jet in action, with Rocket Plumbing proprietor Brian McMahon explaining how it works, below:

How A Hydro Jet Works

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